Self Confidence is one of the most powerful feelings or qualities that you can experience, and one that you should experience all the time if you want a life of joy and abundance. It is like a drug, once you have it, you never want to be without it. Self Confidence Confidence is a powerful key to creating the life you want, and it also just plain feels so good. It brings quiet and certainty to the mind and health and vitality to the body. It is attractive, it is powerful, it is beautiful! What is Self Confidence? Real Confidence is a feeling of certainty within ourselves that; one, we are worthy and valuable Beings, two, that we are capable of dealing gracefully with whatever may show up in our lives, and three, that we can achieve whatever we set out to do. Confidence is a naturally occurring experience if we don't destroy it with self defeating thoughts and beliefs. Sadly this is more the norm then not. Let's look at what makes up self confidence. A certainty that we are worthy and valuable Beings. We are all created equally worthy and valuable. ie. In the image and likeness of God. This is a given. We may believe and feel that this is not so but, those are only our self defeating/limiting thoughts and it is our duty to remove these beliefs from our makeup. We are choosing to think/believe this way, and we must, as intelligent beings, realize this is counter-productive and choose again. And again, and again if necessary. Capable of dealing gracefully with whatever shows up in our lives. If we fear any situation, event or person outside of ourselves, we will certainly not deal with it gracefully. Again, we have the choice to be fearful or courageous. Now it may not seem to be a choice in the moment, it may seem that the fear rises up spontaneously. But with enough Self Awareness it will be seen that there is a thought, or perception that came first. My definition of fear is simply Thinking about what you don't want to happen. Don't do that. To have absolute unstoppable Self Confidence we must stamp out fear. Develop the self awareness and the self discipline to control what you allow your mind to think about.