Flash games online every day!

The section contains a selection of free mini flash games that do not require installation on your computer. The more your weight is a modern online flash games that are easy to understand, have a simple gameplay, as well as a fairly short duration in time. They are ideal in order to kill an hour or two of time to relax and take a break from work.

For your convenience, flash games are divided into categories, and apply tags that facilitate site navigation. For boys, we recommend the game in the style of "The protection of the castle" or «Tower defence» - this species is considered as a hit in the genre strategies.

For girls, a special section was created, which are flash games that will be interesting for the beautiful half. You do not have to dig into a pile of shooting games of the genre or voynushka to find interesting. We made it for you!

Also try to play games that are highly rated by other users. Online flash games are so diverse and surprising that sometimes amazed how a simple idea turned out the game-hit, which has been playing the entire Internet.

Visit us often: we update the flash games every day, finding and selecting as the best new products, and have already become a classic hits.

Why online games are popular?

Today's online-games have been specifically designed to immerse themselves in the gaming reality with the help of only one access to the Internet. Their main feature - it's the gameplay exclusively in the "online", ie to establish "toy" on the computer is not necessary. Just keep in your browser or on your computer Flesh-player through which flash-games, and got its name.

Modern strategy, shooters and RPG able to tighten its process entirely. They can be designed as a single player, and for many thousands or even millions of viewers. It all depends on the type of entertainment. The most common among these proposals can be found just free online games that do not require money for registration and start, but can motivate investment in the future. Money translated in-game currency, will help players gain additional advantage over rivals and quickly feel the taste of victory.